Hi, my name is Alicea Hoffman and I am a Public Relations student at Texas State University. I will graduate during Summer or Fall of 2020. I am really looking forwards to finding a job in my chosen field as soon as I can. Right now, I am currently considering internships for Fall of this year. While I am not quite sure what part of Public Relations I want to focus on for a career I am hoping that once I start getting some real-world experience I will figure it out.

My goal is to take all my skills – photography, html, css, customer service – and make my way in the world. I always enjoy meeting new people, and I feel that skill is critical to be successful as a Public Relations professional. I do not have a dream job currently, I just know that I want to travel the world. I love exploring new places so a job that would allow me to do so would be ideal. I hope to be working for a company that would allow this dream to come into fruition within a couple of years of me graduating. 

I have really enjoyed learning how to code better. While I had a passing hobby in 2D and 3D animation, picking up skills in html and css has reignited my passion for computer work. Working behind a screen for the rest of my life is not something I want to do, but building websites is so much fun. I also appreciate having this critical skill in the modern world; I now have even more options to choose from once I graduate. I just want to take life as it comes and be as successful as possible as the years’ pass.